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Rock Up to Rick’s Pop Up

Although 90% of our hand-selected pieces are sold online, we are partial to popping up across the UK with a van full of our goods.
Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, London. You name it, we’ve completed it mate.


Rock Up to Rick’s Pop Up

We turn up in a van and shell out a huge variety of second-hand goodness. Everything from Italian designer and 90s sportswear to streetwear, Y2K and everything in-between.

There will be thousands of pieces to dig through, including items from our web store as well as brand new, never-before-seen stock.

Our events are highly anticipated and often bring in a large crowd. While you wait to enter you can expect to see Rick on crowd control and giving prizes to those keen to participate in games.

Clothing, vouchers and the ability to skip the queue are just a few prizes for those who get involved.


When inside you can expect a sea of pre-loved goods including our lucrative hidden £1 items. These are expensive pieces, and you could find anything from Stone Island sweatshirts and jackets to vintage footy gear.

We also raffle rare sought-after pieces for £1 a ticket.

One lucky winner recently went home with a £250 Moncler puffer jacket.

You can expect food and drink available on site and live DJs supplying the vibe. Our events are a full experience - you’d be silly to miss out if you’re around!